Awakening the Illuminated Heart


This workshop is about opening and finding your way into your Sacred Space of your Heart in order to live in the Heart, the place of love and Unity with all life everywhere; a stair step upwards in consciousness.


After 40 years of spiritual research, development and teaching sacred geometry, the Merkaba and Living in the Heart, Drunvalo Melchizedek has developed a new workshop: “Awakening the Illuminated Heart” (ATIH). It is the integral teaching of his new school; The School of Remembering.
This teaching is a beautiful and experiential process of healing, living in the heart, activating the 3rd Eye while connecting the heart to the brain and culminating in the activation of the heart-sourced Merkaba.

This is a Heart based teaching.

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The Merkaba is the human Light body and consciousness vehicle that is intimately connected to sacred geometry and is a major key in our spiritual development and ascension.

These teachings are designed for you to remember who you REALLY ARE by teaching the inner technologies that are key in order to be in vibrational resonance with Mother Earth and Father Sky.

The Heart is the center of centers in our Divine Light structure and it is time for us to remember that we are Divine beings.


• Vibrational Unity with all life everywhere
• Emotional healing
• Heart opening
• How to enter the Sacred Space of the Heart
• Activating the 3rd Eye and the Beams of Light
• The creation process from the heart
• Activation of the Heart sourced Merkaba

HeartMath Taurus

The Heart is the center of centers in our Divine Light structure and it is time for us to remember that we are Divine beings.

The Heart creates with dreams and images and expresses itself in Love-Unity

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To remember who we Really Are

Stair stepping upwards in consciousness
Promoting the vibration of Unity
Healing the emotional body
Developing the faculties of feeling energies
Opening the Heart
Entering the Sacred and Tiny Spaces of the Heart
Connecting the Heart and brain
Activating glands & internal circuitry in the brain
Learning how to create from the Heart
Activating the Merkaba from the Heart

Beams of Light

Content :
• Angel ceremony
• Unity exercises
• Guided imagery
• Unity Breath meditation
• Expanding our paradigm of what healing
• Healing circle
• Sufi Blessing Dance
• Entering the Sacred & Tiny Spaces of the Heart
• Dancing in the dark
• Activating the Beams of Light within the brain
• Heart-Brain Tantra
• Sacred geometry that make up the light body
• The creation process from the Heart
• Activating the Halo around the head
• Activating the Merkaba field from the Heart

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Registration and Details


Montreal  (Precise location issued upon registration)

Dates: June 22 – 25 2023

Thursday June 22: 3pm-9pm

Friday June 23: 10am-7pm

Saturday June 24: 10am-7pm

Sunday June 25: 10am-7pm

Energy Exchange $444

To reserve your spot at this workshop, please send a deposit of $111 etransfer to

The balance of $333 can be settled at the onset of the workshop

More Information & Registration
Michael Margulis: 514-969-7049


New workshop dates forthcoming!

Mexico ATIH Workshops

New workshop dates forthcoming!